How CBC operates

CBC Management Committee 

CBC is managed by the Procurement Head of Service  or Director from each member-authority. See the CBC Management Committee for details of the representatives.

CBC Constitution

CBC operates to an agreed Constitution.

Operating structure

Supporting the Management Committee are the Professional Leadership Groups, Learning & Networks Groups and in addition there are various working teams focused specific task and finish activities. collaborations.

These groups come together as and when required to share information, provide professional leadership and interface into national groupings. Such groups may include professional representatives in addition those from the procurement field.

Networks groups

The groups are currently:

  • Contract management
  • Social value
  • Adult Social Care
  • Children’s Services
  • Technology
  • Climate Change and Sustainability
  • Library
  • Training
  • Policy
  • Technology (IT)
Contract collaboration

Whilst CBC does not operate a range of framework contracts like other PBO’s it does encourage collaboration between members on individual contracts and as such any arrangements are a coalition of the willing.

Membership fee and benefits

CBC charges a small annual membership fee that provides access to the network groups and shared material such as the White Paper Conference White Paper Conference  and group membership of World Commerce and Contracting  WCC providing free access to valuable resources.

CBC does not have any employees is operated by the staff of the authorities that make up its membership on a voluntary basis and just engages a part time project lead to organise meetings and progress actions.

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